Electronics (Jan 2023)

A Dual Forward–Backward Algorithm to Solve Convex Model Predictive Control for Obstacle Avoidance in a Logistics Scenario

  • Daniele Ludovico,
  • Paolo Guardiani,
  • Alessandro Pistone,
  • Lorenzo De Mari Casareto Dal Verme,
  • Darwin G. Caldwell,
  • Carlo Canali

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 3
p. 622


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In recent years, the logistics sector expanded significantly, leading to the birth of smart warehouses. In this context, a key role is represented by autonomous mobile robots, whose main challenge is to find collision-free paths in their working environment in real-time. Model Predictive Control Algorithms combined with global path planners, such as the A* algorithm, show great potential in providing efficient navigation for collision avoidance problems. This paper proposes a Dual Forward–Backward Algorithm to find the solution to a Model Predictive Control problem in which the task of driving a mobile robotic platform into a bi-dimensional semi-structured environment is formulated in a convex optimisation framework.