Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry (Dec 2014)

MiR-378 Promotes the Migration of Liver Cancer Cells by Down-Regulating Fus Expression

  • Jichun Ma,
  • Jiang Lin,
  • Jun Qian,
  • Wei Qian,
  • Jiayu Yin,
  • Burton Yang,
  • Qin Tang,
  • Xingxing Chen,
  • Xiangmei Wen,
  • Hong Guo,
  • Zhaoqun Deng

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 34, no. 6
pp. 2266 – 2274


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Background: miR-378 regulates osteoblast differentiation and participates in tumor cell self-renewal and chemo-resistance. However, the function of miR-378 in liver cancer cell migration has not been reported to date. Methods: miR-378 expression was examined using real-time quantitative PCR. HepG2 cell migration and liver cell invasion were examined using wound-healing and cell invasion assays. Additionally, HepG2 cell metastasis was analyzed in nude mice. Results: miR-378 over-expression enhances HepG2 cell proliferation, migration and liver cell invasion. Typical metastatic lesions were found in the livers of mice injected with miR-378-transfected cells, and high levels of the CMV promoter were detected in the nodules, indicating that miR-378 promoted the metastasis of the tumor cells to the liver. We also demonstrated that miR-378 down-regulated Fus expression. Conclusions: Our results suggested that miR-378 enhanced cell migration and metastasis by down-regulating Fus expression.