Medisur (Jun 2018)

The gray literature changes its color: an approach of social problems of science and technology

  • José Luis Montes de Oca Montano

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 3
pp. 424 – 436


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This article, through an approach from the problems of science and technology, is aimed at promoting the theoretical level of understanding the change of color of the so called gray literature, mainly in the segment corresponding to the final research works, so as to identify the aspects which from the social point of view , define such change. Research identifies those constituting elements of the concept “gray literature” that are no longer attributable to the segment under study. In addition the claim of the graduates to be able to publish their works in all their magnitude with the total acknowledgement of their pairs, in agreement with the great options fro their publication. Some are in consonance with academic demands and others with a moremarketing style and aimed at non-critical work diffusion.