Hazara Islamicus (Dec 2014)

Historical Evolution of the Muslim-Christian Polemical Literature: From the Advent of Islam to 8th Hijrah Century

  • Dr Muhammad Riaz,
  • Dr Zia-ul-llah Al-Azhari

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 03, no. 02
pp. 57 – 68


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Interaction between the Muslims and Christians in the field of religious teaching started in the early days of the era of Allah's Prophet (SAW). Waraqah ibn Nawfal, J┐ rood ibn ‘Amr, ‘Ad┘ ibn ╓ ┐ tim and Naj┐ sh┘ embraced Islam and no body can deny these historical realities. However, regular debate (discussion) between the Muslim and Christian scholars began in 7th Hijra when a delegation comprising sixty persons came to the Holy Prophet (SAW). There were three priests who held a discussion with the Holy Prophet (SAW). The chain of discussion is still going on unabated. As a result of these debates and discussions, the Christian priests wrote blasphemous books about Islamic faith, worship and the Prophet of Islam (SAW). Retaliating, the Muslim scholars gave logical and rational answers. The scholars who wrote debateable books include Q┐ sim ibn Ibr┐ h┘ m al-Ras┘ , Ibn Rabban al-║ abar┘ , Ab┴ ‘Uthm┐ n al-J┐ ╒ i╘ , Im┐ m ibn ╓ azam, Im┐ m Ghaz┐ l┘ , Mukht┐ r ibn Mahmood Al-Zahid┘ , S┐ le╒ ibn Hussain al-Ja‘fer┘ , Im┐ m ibn Taymiyyah and Im┐ m ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah are remarkable names. These Muslim scholars inflicted crushing defeat on these Christian priests. This article throws light on the debateable literature which was produced during the early eight centuries of Islam.