Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Dec 2017)

The Offer of Tourism And Recreation Business Entities Under Social Programmes on the Example of The Large Family Card

  • Iwona Józefowicz,
  • Hanna Michniewicz-Ankiersztajn

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 40


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Contemporary tourism enterprises operating in market economy more and more often implement the policy of corporate social responsibility, which is conditioned by their business mission. An increasing number of economic entities decide to take part in prosocial programmes oriented at, among others, families in special situations. The article aims to demonstrate the involvement of economic entities taking part in the nationwide Large Family Card (LFC) programme in Poland in the area of tourism and leisure. The results of surveys have shown that despite the fact that economic entities participating in the programme are mostly based in areas where tourist traffic is very intense, they eagerly provide small discounts to multi-child families.The study was funded under grant for research covered by the Statutes of the University.