Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (May 2018)

Nowe technologie w Polskim Związku Łowieckim

  • Marek Matulewski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 131


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The aim of the work is to characterize and analyze the role of new technologies in the social and educational spheres in the information age. The scope of the work covers the analysis of the national and foreign literature on the subject of currently applicable patterns in this field on the one hand, and both internal and external legal and quasi-legal restrictions on the other hand. In this respect, the application of a new, integrated IT system implemented by the Polish Hunting Association seems to be extremely important (in addition to the conducted wild game management, as well as educational and scientific activities). The analysis of the pertinent literature and case study were adopted as a research methods. The research hypothesis was put forward: “The application of new technologies in the social and education spheres affects the efficiency of activities carried out in its scope”. On the basis of the conducted research, it was possible to draw conclusions, which clearly show that the application of new technologies in that respect increases the effectiveness of conducted activities (especially in the aspect of the need for continuous training). The paper presents only an overview of the selected literature on the subject, which may provide some introduction to pilot studies. It takes into account a practical aspect that firstly allows to verify the hypothesis, and secondly does not give grounds for generalizations concerning wildlife management (as part of the activities conducted by the Polish Hunting Association). As a result, the research should be continued to analyze the entire scope of the wildlife management and possible applications of the integrated IT system in that area.