Barriers of the Human Capital Shaping

Współczesna Ekonomia. 2011;4(4):1-291


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Journal Title: Współczesna Ekonomia

ISSN: 1897-9254 (Print)

Publisher: VIZJA Press & IT

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Economic theory. Demography

Country of publisher: Poland

Language of fulltext: Polish, English



Joanna Krochmal

Marcin W. Staniewski



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Nowadays, in the age of the economy focused on knowledge and science, the process of formation and development of the employees is considered as a very important investment, inspiration and a tool to efficiency creating, success and first of all, the strategic potential of the company. Indeed, it is people who are the key and the path to success and on them, the strength, the power and the success of any business should be built. The aim of this elaboration is to highlight and emphasize the importance of investment in human capital and show fluctuations, as one of the barriers that can disrupt this development, what in general also may be caused by lack of adequate systems of employees motivation.