Journal of Communications Software and Systems (Jun 2021)

Fast-prototyping Approach to Design and Validate Architectures for Smart Home

  • Teodoro Montanaro,
  • Ilaria Sergi,
  • Giovanni Marco Bisanti,
  • Alessandro Cambò,
  • Luigi Patrono

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 2
pp. 177 – 184


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The Internet of Things has contributed to make smarter houses and buildings in the last decades. Different existing works already integrate IoT technologies in homes, but end-user needs continuously change and researchers must face this challenge in identifying platforms to fast prototype solutions satisfying these new needs. This paper presents a solution that demonstrates how well-known fast-prototyping technologies like Node-RED, IBM Watson, Telegram, Raspberry Pi 4, and secured MQTT can contribute to develop complex systems facing the challenge. The selected tools are used within a smart home context to support features inspired by people needs and allow users to: a) consult real time conditions (i.e., temperature, humidity, gas), b) remotely manage lights, c) save energy through a light management system based on user movements, d) remotely monitor the house through dedicated webcams, e) generate warning notifications in case of danger. Users can interact with the systems through a web Node-RED dashboard and a Telegram bot. Differently from existing works, the feasibility of the implemented system and the efficacy of the exploited platforms are demonstrated through a running scenario extracted from a consolidated study on user needs in smart homes. The performed experiment can facilitate the fast prototyping of new solutions.