Jurnal Sosiologi Agama Indonesia (Dec 2023)

Nilai-Nilai Pendidikan Islam dalam Budaya Rimpu di Kabupaten Bima

  • Hairunnisa Hairunnisa,
  • Ishomuddin Ishomuddin,
  • Muhammad Kamaludin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 3


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The entry and development of Islam in the Bima area will not only impact people's beliefs but will also touch all aspects of their lives, especially in the field of culture. Rimpu, one of the local cultures, has experienced acculturation with Islamic teachings and has become an identity for Muslim women in the Bima area. This research aims to discover the values of Islamic education contained in Rimpu. The qualitative research method used is phenomenological, with data gathered through interviews and documentation. Data analysis involved condensation, presentation, and drawing conclusions. The results show that the rimpu culture, an identity of Muslim women in the Bima area, emerged with the advent and development of Islam in 1618 M. However, the name 'Rimpu' was coined towards the end of the Bima Sultanate. The values of Islamic education in Rimpu culture include moral, worship, and aesthetic values.