Sensors & Transducers (Apr 2014)

An Image Matching Method Based on Fourier and LOG-Polar Transform

  • Zhijia Zhang,
  • Jing Chen,
  • Xin Li,
  • Wenqiang Li,
  • Weiqi Yuan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 169, no. 4
pp. 61 – 66


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This Traditional template matching methods are not appropriate for the situation of large angle rotation between two images in the online detection for industrial production. Aiming at this problem, Fourier transform algorithm was introduced to correct image rotation angle based on its rotatary invariance in time-frequency domain, orienting image under test in the same direction with reference image, and then match these images using matching algorithm based on log-polar transform. Compared with the current matching algorithms, experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can not only match two images with rotation of arbitrary angle, but also possess a high matching accuracy and applicability. In addition, the validity and reliability of algorithm was verified by simulated matching experiment targeting circular images.