Italian Journal of Animal Science (Feb 2010)

Evaluation of Atropine-Xylazine as a Sedative in Buffalo Calves (Bubalus bubalis)

  • S. Singh,
  • P.K. Peshin,
  • J. Singh,
  • A. Kumar,
  • I. Khan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 2s
pp. 1003 – 1006


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Twelve experimental trials were undertaken on clinically healthy male buffalo calves. Atropine was administered @ 0.04 mg/kg, IM and xylazine was administered @ 0.04 mg/kg, IM. Following atropine-xylazine administration, a decrease in spontaneous activity was seen in all the animals. Lowering of head was observed in three animals. Haemoglobin reduced significantly at 15 minute after xylazine administration. A significant reduction in mean arterial pressure (MAP) was also seen at 30 and 45 minute after xylazine administration. The pulse pressure increased significantly after 5 minute of xylazine administration. The central venous pressure (CVP) increased significantly at 30 minute and 45 minute of xylazine administration.