Annales Geophysicae (Jan 2003)

Near Real Time SLA and SST products during 2-years of MFS pilot project: processing, analysis of the variability and of the coupled patterns

  • B. Buongiorno Nardelli,
  • G. Larnicol,
  • E. D’Acunzo,
  • R. Santoleri,
  • S. Marullo,
  • P. Y. Le Traon

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21
pp. 103 – 121


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The Near Real Time (NRT) operational products developed from satellite data (AVHRR, Topex/Poseidon, Ers-2) in the framework of the Mediterranean Forecasting System Pilot Project (MFSPP, autumn 1998–autumn 2000) are described and compared to delayed time products over the Mediterranean sea. MFSPP SLA and SST data are then discussed in the general context of the Mediterranean circulation, showing the interannual variability of the fields and identifying recurrent or anomalous features at mesoscale/sub-basin scales. Finally, MFSPP data are used to test, on a regional (Mediterranean) context, a multivariate method to identify coupled modes of variability, consisting in the SVD of the covariance between SST and SLA. Key words. Oceanography: general (marginal and semi-closed seas) – Oceanography: physical (sea level variations; upper ocean processes)