SEA: Practical Application of Science. 2016;IV(12 (3/2016)):547-553


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Journal Title: SEA: Practical Application of Science

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Publisher: Romanian Foundation for Business Intelligence

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Imran SARIHASAN ( University of Debrecen, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration )


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Immigration became one of the relevant economic topics in recent years. Over the centuries millions of people have migrated, despite the physical, cultural etc. obstacles, to other lands in search of better lives for themselves and their children. In the context of development, globalization and labor market mobility, it is necessary to further analyze the determinants and consequences of migration not only on the host country, but also on the sending country. The increased interest and availability of data keeps this subject in the attention of economists all over the world. In this case an increase in immigration became very significant ıssue for policymakers. The aims of this study are to describe immigration growth tendencies and to answer how much is the average growth rate of foreıgn born population. Thus, in order to measure the native and foreign-born unemployed migrants, twenty-seven OECD countries were used in this research paper.