Nature Communications (Mar 2021)

Branched-chain α-ketoacids are preferentially reaminated and activate protein synthesis in the heart

  • Jacquelyn M. Walejko,
  • Bridgette A. Christopher,
  • Scott B. Crown,
  • Guo-Fang Zhang,
  • Adrian Pickar-Oliver,
  • Takeshi Yoneshiro,
  • Matthew W. Foster,
  • Stephani Page,
  • Stephan van Vliet,
  • Olga Ilkayeva,
  • Michael J. Muehlbauer,
  • Matthew W. Carson,
  • Joseph T. Brozinick,
  • Craig D. Hammond,
  • Ruth E. Gimeno,
  • M. Arthur Moseley,
  • Shingo Kajimura,
  • Charles A. Gersbach,
  • Christopher B. Newgard,
  • Phillip J. White,
  • Robert W. McGarrah

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 1
pp. 1 – 14


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Systemic modulation of branched-chain keto acid (BCKA) metabolism alters cardiac health. Here, the authors define the major fates of BCKA in the heart and demonstrate that acute exposure to BCKA levels found in obesity activates cardiac protein synthesis and markedly alters the heart phosphoproteome.