Этническая культура (Jun 2020)

Maslenitsa in the Historiography of Socio-Cultural Activities

  • Vladimir M. Riabkov

Journal volume & issue
no. 2 (3)
pp. 42 – 51


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The article is devoted to the consideration of "Maslenitsa" in the historiography of social and cultural activities. It is noted that "Maslenitsa" as a national holiday appeared before the baptism of Russia. The author emphasizes that the study of the historiography of the holiday is of undoubted interest, both for scientists and practitioners of the leisure sphere, since such research is conducted for the first time. The purpose of the research is to reveal how historians, ethnographers, and folklorists studied Maslenitsa in various periods of Russian history. The author's task was to show the structure of Maslenitsa, the organization of its holding and numerous leisure forms of its holding, as well as to show through numerous studies how each day of Maslenitsa was celebrated. Methods. Various sources (monographs, articles, dissertations) that reveal the content and conduct of Maslenitsa in various historical periods are used in the study. The article provides a historiographical analysis of the national holiday "Maslenitsa". The author points out that at present the historiography of social and cultural activities, as a branch of pedagogical science, has become an independent section of research on a par with the history and theory of social and cultural activities. It is emphasized that the study of forms of holiday and entertainment culture in the history of socio-cultural activities is one of the directions of historiography in socio-cultural activities. Historiography of socio-cultural activity in its scientific development makes the first independent steps. The scientific novelty of this research is undeniable. Based on the fundamental historiographical material, the author shows the emergence of the "Maslenitsa", its structure, organization and conduct. In the article each day of the holiday and entertainment ways for its conduct are defined. Keywords: Maslenitsa, historiography, sociocultural activities, meeting, zaigryshi, lakomka, shirokij Chetverg, mother-in-law’s evening, sister in law’s gatherings, Sorry and Forgive day, holiday, holiday and entertainment culture, leisure.