HiN - Alexander von Humboldt im Netz. Internationale Zeitschrift für Humboldt-Studien (Oct 2008)

Roger Bacon in der Sicht Alexander von Humboldts

  • Tom Müller

Journal volume & issue
Vol. IX, no. 17
pp. 32 – 39


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Articel in german, abstracts in englisch, german and español In his model of the six epochs of the history of science, Alexander von Humboldt sees scarcely any lights able to break through the occidental darkness in the time between the scientific prime of the arabic world and the expeditions of Columbus. The most prominent of these few pioneers to Humboldt is the fransciscan monc Roger Bacon who excelled in almost all disciplines and emphasized on the unity of the sciences. Humboldt honors the Englishman with detailed examinations of his Opus maius in Kosmos and also in his popular speeches in the Berlin Singakademie as well as in the examen critique on the history of geography of the New World.