Applied System Innovation (Oct 2022)

Improvement of the Sensor Capability of the NAO Robot by the Integration of a Laser Rangefinder

  • Vincenzo Bonaiuto,
  • Andrea Zanela

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 6
p. 105


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This paper focuses on integrating a laser rangefinder system with an anthropomorphic robot (NAO6—Aldebaran, United Robotics Group) to improve its sensory and operational capabilities, as part of a larger project concerning the use of these systems in “assisted living” activities. This additional sensor enables the robot to reconstruct its surroundings by integrating new information with that identified by the on-board sensors. Thus, it can identify more objects in a scene and detect any obstacles along its navigation path. This feature will improve the efficiency of navigation algorithms, increasing movement competence in environments where people live and work. Indeed, these environments are characterized by details and specificities within a range of distances that best suit the new robot design. The paper presents a laser finder integration project that consists of two different parts, which are as follows: the former, the mechanical part, provided the NAO robot’s head; the latter, the software, provided the robot with proper software drivers to enable integration of the new sensor with its acquisition system. Some experimental results in an actual environment are presented.