Proceedings of Engineering and Technology Innovation (Oct 2016)

Earth Dam Monitoring by Using Infrared Thermography Detection

  • Chien-Yuan Chen,
  • Su-Chin Chen,
  • Kuan-Hua Chen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4


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Infrared thermography is applied for artificial earth dam surface monitoring. Using an infrared thermal imager is a nondestructive testing method for determining internal material changes by examining surface changes in radiation temperature. This study was conducted at the artificial earth dam experimental test site located in Landao Creek in Huisun Forest, Nantou County, central Taiwan. Infrared thermography analysis found different zones with larger radiation temperature changes. The seepage caused the earth dam soil to be wet, as can reflected by thermography. The seepage failure zone was found to coincide with dramatic changes in radiation temperature recorded using thermography. This study found that dam surface areas with large radiation temperature changes could be failure areas, and that the potential earth dam failure mode could be identified.