Развитие образования (2020-11-01)

Methods to Form the Pedagogical Culture of Parents in the Educational System of the School

  • Galina V. Sorokoumova,
  • Anastasiia O. Bespalova

Journal volume & issue
no. 4 (10)
pp. 38 – 42


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The article deals with the concept of pedagogical culture of parents, the goals of development of pedagogical culture of parents and methods of formation and improvement of the level of pedagogical culture of parents. The paper focuses on the tasks of interaction between an educational institution and the family in the upbringing of children. Methods of study. To study the possibility of forming a pedagogical culture of parents, we used a questionnaire to survey the needs of parents to interact with the educational institution and the interest of teachers in working with the family, the «Ideas about the ideal parent» method by R. V. Ovcharova, Y.A. Degtyareva, «Family Biofield» inquirer by V. V. Boyko and «Determination of parenting skills» questionnaire by O.L. Zvereva. Results of the study. The article shows the results of the impact of the program, which includes a seminar using the case technology «pedagogical culture of parents» and parent training based on the program «education based on common sense» on the formation of the pedagogical culture of parents. Conclusion. The results of the study proved the possibility of purposeful formation of the pedagogical culture of parents in the educational system of the school and the high efficiency of practice – and personality-oriented methods of such work, and also showed greater competence and awareness among parents and kindergarten teachers in the education of children.