Scientific Electronic Archives (2020-11-01)

Family Farming and Commercialization: the case of the covered fair in Nova Xavantina-MT

  • L. L. Silva,
  • A. H. Maia,
  • T. Carlos,
  • L. N. S. Santos

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 12
pp. 7 – 14


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This study aimed to evaluate the experiences of family agriculturists who sell their products in the Covered Fair of Nova Xavantina - MT, from the different strategies used by them, their problems and prospects in relation to income generation and maintenance of families . We surveyed 14 familiar producers and 14 consumers. These numbers have not been defined by statistical criteria, which is characterized by a search combining a quantitative and qualitative approach. The instruments used for data collection consisted of questionnaires, direct observation and interviews. By this research it could be seen that the Covered Fair is an important space of conviviality, trade and consumption, however, this place is still little appreciated by the population and producers. The lack of infrastructure and the stiffness of supervision does not bring attractive to many farmers in the municipality and this is directly reflected in the marketing and purchase of products from family farms, important sector in terms of economic and social development. Thus, public policies for production, consumption and trade are essential for greater inclusion of family farmers in the municipality of Nova Xavantina and region.