The Impact of the Digital Painting on caricature developing

Journal of Architecture, Art & Humanistic Science. 2018;3(12-1):19-38 DOI 10.12816/0047859


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Journal Title: Journal of Architecture, Art & Humanistic Science

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Publisher: Arab Association for Islamic Civilization and Art

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Ahmed Khalil (Professor Emeritus and Head of the Department of decoration previously Faculty of Applied Arts - Helwan University)

Doaa Hatem (Professor and Head of Decoration Department, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University)

Aya Asaf (Animation backgrounds designer - Master degree - Department of decoration - Faculty of Applied Arts - Helwan University)


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"The caricature is being like other arts; it has been developed aligned with the development of societies. It has become a universal language, where cynicism has emerged as a means of expression in simpler lines that can reach people more quickly. This type of art became popular versus several kinds of arts, starting of the 6th and 17th centuries. It was as a result of taking public and political figures in their drawings the artists in a sarcastic manner. This was introduced over the past years, in newspapers and magazines. Moreover, in the twenty-first century, the entries of computer and technological development have been affected on these newspapers and magazines to be available online and through their own websites. This has led the artists to use some tools, in order to help expressing their ideas to be under high quality and proper for modern trends. The most visible and widespread were portrait’s caricatures. It has been spread more after the evolution of digital painting on both levels the global and local level. That has given a greater opportunity artist for more creativity and innovation. Digital painting caricature has spread and being used not only in newspapers and magazines, but also in various fields of advertising such as films’ posters and books & magazines covers. The aim of this research is to focus on the concept of digital painting and its importance. It still needs to be considered from another perspective and different view of what is commonly known, that would be achieved through out using it in some fields such as caricature, emphasizing the plastic values. ​​As it has a strong influence on attracting the viewer."