EPJ Web of Conferences (Jan 2019)

Spontaneous fission of rutherfordium isotopes - total kinetic energies

  • Mosat Pavol,
  • Heßberger Fritz Peter,
  • Ackermann Dieter,
  • Andel Boris,
  • Antalic Stanislav,
  • Block Michael,
  • Hofmann Sigurd,
  • Kalaninova Zdenka,
  • Kindler Birgit,
  • Laatiaoui Mustapha,
  • Lommel Bettina,
  • Mistry Andrew,
  • Nishio Katsuhisa,
  • Piot Julien,
  • Sulignano Barbara,
  • Vostinar Marija

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 223
p. 01043


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The isotopes 255,256,258Rf were produced in the fusion-evaporation reactions 50Ti + 207,208Pb and 50Ti + 209Bi at GSI Darmstadt, using the velocity filter SHIP. Total kinetic energies of fragments from spontaneous fission for these isotopes were evaluated with a correction to pulse-height defect.