Oksident (Jul 2021)

Kurtuluş Teolojisi Hareketi Üzerine Bir İnceleme: Latin Amerika Örneği/A Study on the Liberation Theology Movement: The Case of Latin America

  • Akın Üstünyer

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 1
pp. 31 – 55


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In the Latin American continent dominated by Catholic Christianity, the Liberation Theology movement, which defended people's socio-economic rights, emerged in the 1960s. This theology differs from the Roman Catholic Church in that it targets earthly salvation (social and economic) rather than spiritual salvation. At the same time, this movement in the Latin American continent is a revolt of the poor, the unemployed, the landless farmers, and the Christians forgotten in the slums of the cities. Theologians and clergy supporting this rebellion movement have highlighted the concept of "praxis" (action/practice) in Marxist ideology. In this context, "Base Congregations" were established within local churches. The Liberation Theology movement has undergone many changes since the day it emerged. This study tried to reveal how the public movement called Liberation Theology emerged, what it applied to while fulfilling its function, which stages it went through, and what position it is in today.