Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems (Jan 2009)

System of Non-Destructive Testing

  • Branimir Čače,
  • Damir Markučič,
  • Morana Lisičar

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 2
pp. 80 – 87


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In this paper the initial analysis of NDT laboratory is presented by means of agent-based modelling. For the purpose of analysis, laboratory is taken into account as a complex system consisting of three agents; equipment, personnel and specimens. Interaction between the agents is circular. In that sense, the agents are mutually interconnected in a way that one agent simultaneously interacts with others.According to the interactions specific for NDT laboratories, the response of total testing time is presented considering various number of laboratory personnel while each operator has different skills and ability. Agent personnel has to perform testing of specimens. Since the complexity of specimens is quite diverse the specimens are represented as an agent. Additionally, during the whole time sequence of testing a certain specimen, operator is using NDT equipment relevant for the testing method, while the particular time of usage of the equipment can be shorter than the whole testing time. Availability of the equipment is therefore another agent. The evaluated outcome is the total testing time.Presented results are obtained carrying out a simulation by means of multi-agent modelling and simulation tool named “ENTORAMA”. Finally, the overall laboratory's performance is given in the respect of the number and structure of the laboratory personnel.