Drugs in Context (2020-01-01)

Clinical use of Capilen, a liposomal cream based on fresh plant extracts enriched with omega fatty acids

  • Luca Giacomelli,
  • Alessandra Moglia,
  • Gianedoardo Losa,
  • Pietro Quaglino

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9
pp. 1 – 9


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The skin is the largest organ in the human body; beyond its regulatory and sensory roles, it is meant to protect and act like a barrier against foreign matter. Products intended to restore the skin health should reintegrate the structure of the stratum corneum in which the corneocytes are surrounded by the intercellular lipid lamellae that maintain both corneum integrity and skin permeability barrier. Capilen is a specific liposomal formulation based on a technology through which highly concentrated fresh plant extracts are conveyed into a jelly-like liposomal vehicle and combined with plant-derived omega-3, -6, -7, and -9 fatty acids, phospholipids, and precursors of ceramides. Its components have been widely investigated and produced clinical benefits in atopic dermatitis, bedsores, scars, inflammatory lesions of the skin, and generally whenever signs of xerosis cutis were present. Liposomes contribute to restore the surface lipid layer of the skin and to deliver substances in the activity site. This liposomal cream was proven to limit and delay the occurrence of radiodermatitis in breast cancer patients, and as an add-on provided complete healing of bedsore lesions in geriatric subjects.