Izvestiâ Vysših Učebnyh Zavedenij i Ènergetičeskih ob Edinennij SNG. Ènergetika (Oct 2013)

Intensification of Convective Heat Transfer in Heating Device of Mobile Heating System with BH-Heat Generator

  • N. A. Nesenchuk,
  • I. L. Iokova,
  • T. V. Ryzhova,
  • D. I. Shklovchik,
  • M. A. Yarmolchik,
  • Z. B. Aidarova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 5
pp. 46 – 50


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Directions pertaining to intensification of convective heat transfer in a soft heating device have been experimentally investigated in the paper and the most efficient one has been selected that is creation of artificial roughness on the device surface. The considered heating device for a heat supply system of a mobile object has been made of soft polymer material (polyvinyl chloride). Following evaluation results of heat exchange intensification a criteria equation has been obtained for calculation of external heat transfer with due account of heat transfer intensification.