Revista Interdisciplinar de Direito (Dec 2011)

A bioética odontológica contemporânea - Ampliando concepções deontológicas

  • Antônio Sérgio Netto Valladão,,
  • Laís Krejci Graciosa,
  • Monique Ferreira e Silva,
  • Patricia Valeria Bastos Faria Pecoraro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 11


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Since the inception, the Bioethics has been strengthened with the aim to regulate the activity of research in humans and, evolving over the years, has been embarking on concepts and increasingly large areas. Science in general, is shown associated with the cultural, political and economic. In contemporary dental science is not diff erent. As a result, ethical problems may arise in both the graduate and post-graduate courses and at the dental clinic. Clearly, such problems are not inseparable, but they can interlace and overlap, showing the bioethics dissemination importance to the community and university. Th e authors show a compilation of information relating to bioethics and suggest that it expands and revalidates ethical concepts, favoring more humane exercise of several dental knowledge ways.