Pediatric Reports (2015-09-01)

Acute myositis associated with concurrent infection of rotavirus and norovirus in a 2-year-old girl

  • Kei Yamamoto,
  • Seiji Fukuda,
  • Yuichi Mushimoto,
  • Noriaki Minami,
  • Rie Kanai,
  • Kazuki Tsukamoto,
  • Seiji Yamaguchi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 3


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Rotavirus and norovirus are common pathogens associated with gastroenteritis in children. Although rotavirus occasionally induces central nervous system disease, only 3 cases with rotavirus-induced acute myositis have been reported in the English literature. We recently treated a female patient with acute myositis associated with gastroenteritis induced by concurrent infection with rotavirus and norovirus. Having suffered from gastroenteritis for 3 days, she suddenly developed myositis affecting her lower extremities with concomitant creatine kinase elevation. Herein, we present our patient and review the previous cases including those reported in the Japanese literature.