Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Jan 2016)

Sezonowość wykorzystania bazy noclegowej w województwie opolskim w latach 2009-2012 – implikacje dla praktyki gospodarczej

  • Daniel Puciato,
  • Tadeusz Grabiński

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 34


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This article aims to assess the seasonality of tourism in Opole province in 2009-2012. The study also proposes measures to mitigate its negative effects. Analysis of the results showed that the area of Opole there is a large seasonal tourist traffic, which was particularly low in January and December and in the first quarters of the years concerned. To reduce these negative tendencies proposed local and regional authorities and entrepreneurs relating to: stimulate the development of hotel facilities, differential pricing, preparation of special offers, or other than tourist use parts of objects.