PSL Quarterly Review (Sep 2015)

Risk Sharing in Corporate and Public Finance: The Contribution of Islamic Finance

  • Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha,
  • Abbas Mirakhor,
  • Hossein Askari

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 68, no. 274
pp. 187 – 213


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Financial crises have become a recurring problem for modern economies with increasingly detrimental fallouts. Risk-sharing finance (RSF) contracts may be the best instrument for addressing the problem and its fallout, and in particular the risk-sharing principles of Islamic finance offer a potential alternative. This paper offers some preliminary thoughts on the design and implementation of RSF for both private and public sector funding, for revenue and non-revenue generating projects. It is argued that such form of financing avoids the leverage of conventional debt, minimizes the costs of dilution, reduces macroeconomic vulnerability, and enhances financial inclusion. It also has the potential to be a less risky alternative for developing countries to finance public spending and economic growth. JEL Classifications: G32, P43, O16