Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença (Sep 2018)

Topologias da Carne: creative processes in contemporary dance or how to create a Body without Organs for oneself

  • Juliana Soares Bom-Tempo,
  • Aline Pinheiro Salmin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 08, no. 03
pp. 592 – 614


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This work was developed in a close link to Topologias da Carne [Topologies of the Meat], a creative process in contemporary dance. From the incorporation of the concepts Body without Organs (BwO), territory, body-meat, as well as in relation to Laban's proposals for movement, the aim is to produce a transduction of the incorporeal from the concepts into micro vibrations of a dancing body. The methodology covers the exhaustive study of the concepts, in an intrinsic relation to practical experiments in dance, which can open the corporeal organizations to the experimentation of an intensive body.