Education Research International (2020-01-01)

Content Analysis of Essential Economic Values in the Vocational Textbook as Compared to the Saudi Arabian Education Policy Document

  • Rashed Z. Aldoosry,
  • Abdulwali H. Aldahmash,
  • Mousa S. Alfaifi,
  • Abdullah M. Almutairi,
  • Abdulaziz S. Aldossari,
  • Abdulrahman A. Alshuaibi,
  • Abdullah H. ALabbad

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2020


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This study explores the extent to which five essential economic values related to the themes of production, savings, moderation in expenditure, labor, and economic development were included in the Saudi Arabian Educational Policy Document and their reflection in a high school vocational textbook. A systematic quantitative descriptive approach was used to analyze the contents of the two documents. Results showed that the Education Policy Document only included the production domain value. The vocational textbook did not significantly include all economic values, except the theme related to respecting and the value of time. This means that the two documents should be revised to include these important economic values, as they are important for students’ future.