Merleau Ponty: Subjectivity as The Field of Being within Beings. Awareness As Existingness

Revista Científica Arbitrada de la Fundación MenteClara. 2019;4(1):81-93 DOI 10.32351/rca.v4.1.61


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Journal Title: Revista Científica Arbitrada de la Fundación MenteClara

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Rudolph Bauer (Centro de Estudios de la Conciencia y Centro de Estudios de Psicoterapia Fenomenológica y Existencial de Washington.)


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In his later life Maurice Merleau Ponty changed his understanding of how human beings know Being and how human beings know phenomena. His mature understanding went far beyond the early phenomenology of Husserl.  His understanding and intellectual position about the subjectivity of mind alone with its corresponding subject object duality dissolved into a experience of non duality within appearance. His dualistic understanding about Being changed to the vast nondual awareness of Being as the source of both subjectivity and objectivity.