Cancer Management and Research (2019-09-01)

miR-140-5p Alleviates The Aggressive Progression Of Wilms’ Tumor Through Directly Targeting TGFBR I Gene [Retraction]

  • Wang H,
  • Lou C,
  • Ma N

Journal volume & issue
Vol. Volume 11
pp. 8605 – 8606


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Wang H, Lou C, Ma N. miR-140-5p alleviates the aggressive progression of Wilms’ tumor through directly targeting TGFBR I gene. Cancer Manage Res. 2019;11:1641–1651.The Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Cancer Management and Research wish to retract the published article.Following publication, concerns were raised to the Editor in-Chief regarding the Wilms’ tumor cell lines described in the study.Upon investigation it was found the human Wilms’ tumor cell lines used in the present study, G-401 and SK-NEP-1, had been wrongly attributed and are not, in fact, Wilms’ tumor cell lines as claimed. The cell line, G-401, has been shown to be a rhabdoid tumor cell line of the kidney and has been reclassified, accordingly, in the American Tissue Culture Collection (ATCC) ( The cell line, SK-NEP-1 has also been investigated and was found to have a close relationship with the Ewing sarcoma cell line, not theWilms’ tumor cell line as previously indicated.Based on this information the Editor-in-Chief has determined the results and findings of the present study are no longer valid.This retraction relates to this paper