Universidad y Empresa (May 2010)

La administración y el origen de la concepción instrumental del hombre en la sociedad moderna.

  • Juan Javier Saavedra Mayorga

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 11
pp. 237 – 262


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This article is a reflection about the historical evolution of the modern conception of human being. It aims to show that Management, as manifestation of the reason subjectivation process, has conceived nature, human being and some sciences merely as means to achieve economic purposes. The document begins by examining humanism and his conception of man, and observes how his capabilities of reason and self-perfection have been transformed into economic maintenance and mechanical goal-means adaptation. Finally, the article examines the influence that management has had in the formation of a new conception of human being and his relationship with the world, and points out some social consequences.