Journal of Robotics, Networking and Artificial Life (JRNAL) (Oct 2021)

Analyzing the Relationship between the Legend of Dōjōji and the Kabuki-Dance Kyōganoko Musume Dōjōji to Develop Prototyping Systems

  • Miku Kawai,
  • Jumpei Ono,
  • Takashi Ogata

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 3


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Using detailed analysis of the stage structure of the kabuki-dance Kyōganoko Musume Dōjōji, as well as the legend of Dōjōji that comprises the background of the kabuki-dance, we present a 2D simulation system that uses music, lyrics, and images. A prototype system was then developed that complements the above system based on Kyōganoko Musume Dōjōji using a 3D animation system based on the analysis of the storyline of the legend of Dōjōji, which serves as the origin of Kyōganoko Musume Dōjōji. In particular, we organize 11 scenes from Kyōganoko Musume Dōjōji and map them to six scenes from the legend of Dōjōji. In our prototype system, the latter scenes insert into the former scenes based on this mapping. This paper shows detailed analyses of two narrative contents and concretely describes system mechanisms according to these narrative analyses.