Annals of the University of Oradea: Economic Science (Jul 2019)


  • GHIOCEL Florin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 28, no. 1
pp. 128 – 133


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Human society is approached / studied by the integrated system of sciences in all its aspects, ie multicriterial and multidimensional. A particularly important area of investigation is represented by the economic or social relations or relationships, respectively the links between the members of society as individuals or constituted in different communities; an essential subsystem of these, in this case the distribution relations, are those of a financial nature, which are the subject of the preoccupations of the science of finance with all its branches, among which the public finances. As such, we perceive the finance / public finances, on the one hand, as an economic category or an economic concept, and on the other, as a science that studies the many aspects resulted from the development of specific relationships in all their complexity. The conclusion or finding that we need is, in our opinion, that the finances, including the public ones, are an area of human activity of both cognitive and pragmatic nature. The scientific character of the knowledge and practices specific to the public finances, respectively their scientific status, is unanimously recognized today as a natural result of the theoretical and practical accumulations gained over the years, especially after the works/ studies of A.Smith and D. Ricardo. The systematic preoccupations for defining and delimiting the object of study and action and / or manifestation of public finances have been intensifying since the last century, but concerns have been in the most advanced states of the world since the nineteenth century, but not only. The opinions expressed generally refer to the common elements, but there are also inconsistencies between them.