Journal of Fuzzy Extension and Applications (Mar 2020)

Precise services and supply chain prioritization in manufacturing companies using cost analysis provided in a fuzzy environment

  • Alireza Marzband

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 1
pp. 41 – 56


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In recent years, management and, consequently, supply chain performance measurement, has attracted the attention of a large number of managers and researchers in the field of production and operations management. In parallel with the evolution of organizations from a single approach to a network and supply chain approach, performance measurement systems have also changed and moved towards network and supply chain performance measurement. Therefore, in order to face the storm of great change and transformation and not give in to the wave of competitive aggression, organizations have long had one thing in common, and that is to focus approaches and focus efforts towards achieving results. Results that lead to a competitive advantage and are more effective and decisive in the performance indicators of the organization, including earning more. In this study, in order to identify and prioritize the factors affecting the supply chain in manufacturing companies, using indicators such as cost, timely delivery and procurement time to evaluate the supply chain efficiency is considered. And performance evaluation was performed at the manufacturer level. Therefore, in order to evaluate the performance of the supply chain using the AHP integration approach and the DEA method approach in the fuzzy environment, the suppliers and suppliers of the manufacturing company were evaluated and ranked in terms of performance.