Journal of Fuzzy Extension and Applications (Sep 2020)

The picture fuzzy distance measure in controlling network power consumption

  • Ngan Roan,
  • Salvador Coll,
  • Marina Alonso,
  • Juan Miguel Rubio,
  • Pedro López,
  • Fran Andujar,
  • Son Le,
  • Manh Vu,
  • Florentin Smarandache

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 3
pp. 139 – 158


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In order to solve the complex decision-making problems, there are many approaches and systems based on the fuzzy theory were proposed. In 1998, Smarandache introduced the concept of single-valued neutrosophic set as a complete development of fuzzy theory. In this paper, we research on the distance measure between single-valued neutrosophic sets based on the H-max measure of Ngan et al. [8]. The proposed measure is also a distance measure between picture fuzzy sets which was introduced by Cuong in 2013 [15]. Based on the proposed measure, an Adaptive Neuro Picture Fuzzy Inference System (ANPFIS) is built and applied to the decision making for the link states in interconnection networks. In experimental evaluation on the real datasets taken from the UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València) university, the performance of the proposed model is better than that of the related fuzzy methods.