npj Quantum Materials (Dec 2022)

Tuning the Fermi liquid crossover in Sr2RuO4 with uniaxial stress

  • A. Chronister,
  • M. Zingl,
  • A. Pustogow,
  • Yongkang Luo,
  • D. A. Sokolov,
  • F. Jerzembeck,
  • N. Kikugawa,
  • C. W. Hicks,
  • J. Mravlje,
  • E. D. Bauer,
  • J. D. Thompson,
  • A. P. Mackenzie,
  • A. Georges,
  • S. E. Brown

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 1
pp. 1 – 6


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Abstract We perform nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements of the oxygen-17 Knight shifts for Sr2RuO4, while subjected to uniaxial stress applied along [100] direction. The resulting strain is associated with a strong variation of the temperature and magnetic field dependence of the inferred magnetic response. A quasiparticle description based on density-functional theory calculations, supplemented by many-body renormalizations, is found to reproduce our experimental results, and highlights the key role of a van-Hove singularity. The Fermi-liquid coherence scale is shown to be tunable by strain, and driven to low values as the associated Lifshitz transition is approached.