Forum Oświatowe (Nov 2012)

Self-reflection on the Organisation Culture in Teachers’ Training

  • Krzysztof Jaworski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 24, no. 2(47)
pp. 183 – 191


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Written by a primary school teacher, the article illustrates the specific situation of teachers’ training in an educational institution. The author’s observations are based on his own educational training experience. Referring to the contemporary theory and practice of knowledge management, the author presents the elements of educational training for teachers which are inconsistent with the current adult education standards. The author provides a critique of certain aspects of professional development such as learning through experience, self-education teams or training meetings. All the forms of educational and professional development mentioned above are being practised in the author’s regular place of work. The article not only discusses the role and forms of teachers’ professional development but also presents the author’s opinion about the current condition of contemporary school.