Revista Latina de Comunicación Social (2013-04-01)

Ethical attitudes of Andalusian journalists to deal with especially sensitive issues

  • JC Suárez Villegas

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 68, no. 967-997
pp. 309 – 327


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Introduction. This research article analyses the positions of Andalusian journalists in relation to especially sensitive issues. Methods. The study combines qualitative and quantitative techniques: in-depth interviews and a questionnaire-based survey, respectively. Results. The professional work of Andalusian journalists is based more on the predominant values of their communities than on the deontological codes of the profession, which are unknown by the vast majority. Conclusions. Journalists exhibit a liberal spirit, which is characteristic of a secular society, and believe that the freedom of expression should be respected when dealing with especially sensitive issues, which must be resolved according to the particular circumstances of each case.