Energies (Jan 2019)

Real-Time Simulation of Torque and Nitrogen Oxide Emissions in an 11.0 L Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine for Model-Based Combustion Control

  • Roberto Finesso,
  • Gilles Hardy,
  • Alessandro Mancarella,
  • Omar Marello,
  • Antonio Mittica,
  • Ezio Spessa

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 3
p. 460


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A real-time combustion model was assessed and applied to simulate BMEP (Brake Mean Effective Pressure) and NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions in an 11.0 L FPT Cursor 11 diesel engine for heavy-duty applications. The activity was carried out in the frame of the IMPERIUM H2020 EU Project. The developed model was used as a starting base to derive a model-based combustion controller, which is able to control indicated mean effective pressure and NOx emissions by acting on the injected fuel quantity and main injection timing. The combustion model was tested and assessed at steady-state conditions and in transient operation over several load ramps. The average root mean square error of the model is of the order of 110 ppm for the NOx simulation and of 0.3 bar for the BMEP simulation Moreover, a statistical robustness analysis was performed on the basis of the expected input parameter deviations, and a calibration sensitivity analysis was carried out, which showed that the accuracy is almost unaffected when reducing the calibration dataset by about 80%. The model was also tested on a rapid prototyping device and it was verified that it features real-time capability, since the computational time is of the order of 300⁻400 µs. Finally, the basic functionality of the model-based combustion controller was tested offline at steady-state conditions.