Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies (Jun 2020)

Conservation of Plants and Trees in the Light of Prophetic Teachings

  • Sumaira Nawaz,
  • Shah Moeen ud Din Hashmi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 1


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Article endeavors to analyze the prophetic guiding principles regarding human behaviors related to plants and trees being an important component of our environment. The discussion mainly deals with the key environmental issues emphasizing plantation and its significance for balancing the equilibrium of the environment. Additionally, it thrashes out that humans are urged to seedling the plantation even the world is to be ended in Islam. The present study is delimited to the present ecological crises faced by society and a great challenge to the globe. The current ecological problems i.e global warming and climate change are interpreted just to analyze the environmental behaviors in Hadith literature. However, a profundity descriptive study has been conducted in the most influential way to examine the prophetic rules for human behaviors related to trees and plants being environment friendly. Furthermore, the existing practices of humans related to such an environmental sphere also been aptly figure out to highlight all possible ways in the light of prophetic guidance to deal with prevailing environmental issues. Inconsistency between religious teachings and human behaviors need the keen interest of religious scholars and social scientists to carefully harmonize both for maintaining the ecological balance in nature.