Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Jan 2017)

Wybrane instrumenty marketingu usług agroturystycznych na Roztoczu

  • Sylwia Golian

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 38


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Intense competition in the tourist services market makes that also farmers involved in agro-tourism have to use marketing tools to succeed in their business. The purpose of this paper is to identify and evaluate marketing activities used by agro-tourism accommodation providers in Roztocze. Prices of agritourism services, promotional activities and distribution channels were taken into account. Based on the obtained results, it was found that the marketing activities undertaken by the agritourism farms owners are insufficient. They most often use the cheapest promotion tools and distribution channels for their services, but they are not fully utilized either. The prices of agrotourism services vary across the region, with the highest ones in Central Roztocze. During the high season, rates are higher by 9%, and the full board by about 13–20%.