Медицинский совет (Dec 2015)

Skin barrier of young children. Prevention of dermatitis

  • S. V. Zaitseva,
  • A. K. Zastrozhina,
  • O. A. Murtazaeva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 6
pp. 18 – 23


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Skin diseases in children during the first year of life is a relevant topic for both pediatricians and parents. Absence of knowledge on appropriate care coupled with anatomical and physiological characteristics of baby's skin are risk factors for skin diseases in this group of patients [1, 5]. This is demonstrated by the increased incidence of skin diseases in children, which also encourages further study of mechanisms of skin protection from aggressive environmental factors [1, 11, 7]. This awareness helped to define the key priorities in the treatment and prevention of dermatological diseases in pediatrics.