Cuadernos de Ilustración y Romanticismo (2016-07-01)

«Prescription for scolding wives»: esposas gruñonas y transgresoras en la prensa inglesa y española del siglo XVIII

  • Leticia Villamediana González

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22
pp. 79 – 100


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Despite its presence in English literature since the 16th century, the figure of the «scold» as a female transgressor has received scarce critical attention, particularly during the 18th century. Thus, this article seeks to explore first of all, the use of the terms «scold» and «scolding» and the representation of this female transgression in the British periodical press of the period. Secondly, it will analyse the presence and representation of this transgressive figure in the Spanish press. In so doing, we will demonstrate that the censorship and punishment of this type of behaviour were not merely seen as «sins of the tongue» but constituted an attempt to suppress the female voice and to restore the traditional social and gender order.