Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2017)

Nowe technologie informacyjne a rozwój przestępczości elektronicznej

  • Teresa Mendyk-Krajewska,
  • Zygmunt Mazur,
  • Hanna Mazur

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 126


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The information technologies commonly used in almost all areas of life are not risk­free. Alongside their development and the expansion of the range of network services, there are new possibilities of abuse and e-criminal activity. The means of attack can be any device con­nected to the network. Software companies, aware of the real threats, equip their products in increasingly complex security mechanisms, but the scale of the phenomenon is not decreasing, and nothing indicates that a significant improvement of network security can be achieved in the near future. The complex problem of cyber-crime has gained in importance in recent years, con­sidering the intensification of digital development of our country.