La identidad estratégica de Brasil: política de defensa para un jugador global

Colombia Internacional. 2015;85:141-169 DOI 10.7440/colombiaint85.2015.05


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Journal Title: Colombia Internacional

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Publisher: Universidad de los Andes

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Marina Vitelli (Universidad Nacional del Rosario (Argentina))


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The article analyzes current Brazilian defense policy, tracing key ideas from the military thinking that originated in the late seventies and establishing links with the international policy perspective of the Workers Party and one sector of the diplomatic corps. These two elements, which account for Brazil’s current strategic identity, are presented as fundamental variables for analyzing defense policy and its relation to certain aspects of Brazil’s foreign policy. To illustrate the argument, the main strategic documents are studied and the different dimensions of national identity are characterized, pointing out the interaction between new elements and other, long-standing ones. Based on this analysis, the article establishes both the source and the characteristics of two traits of this identity: the deterrent posture and the role of global player.