Critical Hermeneutics (2019-01-01)

From Subject to Translation: Domenico Jervolino’s Contribution to a Psychoanalytic Hermeneutics

  • Giuseppe Martini

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 2


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The author examines the most significant texts of Domenico Jervolino, that present references to psychoanalysis, identifying the leitmotif of his work in the passage from the subject matter to the philosophy of translation. If this happens following Ricoeur's thought, however, it is the work of the Neapolitan philosopher to privilege this line of thought, to enrich it with his personal contributions and to emphasize the ethical dimension. Also Domenico Jervolino's most important contribution for a psychoanalytic hermeneutics can be identified in the relationship between subject and translation: a) in the enhancement of a problematic subject, which is constantly in question and is conditioned by alterity, which is in him and outside of him; b) in the emphasis of translation intended as a transformative work of the subject itself and perceived in constant relation with the "hidden face of Language"; and finally c) in the call to the ethics of hospitality, which can also be understood as a fundamental engine of the analytical encounter.